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Nov 2012- Joel Wilson & the Revival

Joel Wilson and the Revival

Twitter:  @joelwilsonmusic

Welcome to Music Scene of Texas! Introduce us to the band. ​
Joel Wilson and the Revival is a Red Dirt/Texas Country/Hick Rock band from Oklahoma City.  They consist of Joel Wilson on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Eric Williams on Lead guitar, Mike Tapscott on Drums and harmony vocals, and Bob Kelly on bass.

Tell us about your first album “Regular Guy.” Who wrote the songs on the album? ​
The album Regular Guy is my first album and has been a long time in the makes.  I wrote all the songs on the album, except for "Heartbreak Song", which I co-wrote with my buddy Heath Agnew of Vernon, Tx.  They songs are a good mix of all different genres.  I have a lot of influences and I think that is what shapes my songs.  They all have their own style.  Most are your traditional red dirt sound, but there are other influences, like reggae and rock.

We see you used to live in Vernon, Texas- how did you make it to Oklahoma?
I came to Oklahoma on a track scholarship from Oklahoma Christian.  I did a bad job of planning ahead on what I would do when I graduated college.  I moved in with some buddies and just stayed.  I love Texas and will always consider myself a Texan.  That's home.

How is the Red Dirt scene treating you guys? ​
It's been good so far.  We're making connections and getting out there more and more.  We get venues calling us now for shows which is nice.  We've got a long ways to go but so far, it's been good to us.

There’s always a lot of talk about Texas Country and Red Dirt. Do you see a major difference between the two?
Musically, no.  I think they have the same style and message.  The main difference is just where you're from/playing, etc.

Do you have any memorable moments on the road while touring? ​
Any show where we get to open for someone is great.  It's a chance to meet them, and watch them perform.  Playing all the time, you don't get a chance to watch as many shows.  When you watch other bands, you see who they win an audience, entertain them and what not.  It's like watching game tape.  We played Grape Fest in Grapevine, TX in September and opened for Jon Wolfe and Joe Ely.  Joe Ely's a legend and Jon Wolfe is great.  We really enjoyed that show.
What would you say is one of your favorite venues to perform at? ​
My personal favorite is Grady's 66 Pub in Yukon, Ok.  It's owned by Grady & Nathan Cross.  Grady, of course, was in Cross Canadian Ragweed.  They influenced so many bands.  Grady has become a good friend and he and Nathan take great care of the band.
What or who inspires you to perform? ​
I love having people tell me one of my songs inspires them or makes them feel better on a horrible day.  It's a good feeling to have a song you wrote mean something to others.  That makes me want to write more and can be a challenge.  But it's a fun challenge.  I love music and love listening to new songs.  When I hear or see a band killing it, in a good way, it motivates me to become better.

What was some of the best advice you’ve ever been given? ​
Never stop practicing.  Once you stop practicing and working on your craft, that's the best you'll ever be.  I know I'm not the best but if I think I am, I'll never get better.  Work, Work and Work.

What can we expect from Joel Wilson and the Revival in 2013? ​
We are hoping to be hitting the road even more.  We've picked up a booking agent in Texas and are trying to get down there more.  We want to expand our name and make it a household name.  Radio play is something we're hoping to get going.  Maybe even a second album.  We've got 4 songs that we could record now and another 2-4 to finish up the writing.  All in all, I'm looking forward to 2013 and what it brings.