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August 2012- The Rusty Brothers

The Rusty Brothers

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Welcome to Music Scene of Texas!  We know three of you are brothers. Can you introduce us to the band members?

Thanks for having us! 

Daniel McWilliams – My oldest brother.  Daniel takes guitar duties and supplies outstanding harmony vocals.

Steven McWilliams – My older brother and main RB front man.  He really knows how to engage the crowd and enhance the live experience.

Andrew McWilliams (That’s me) – I kick back, drink beer and play bass.

Dwayne “D-Bob” Bollmeyer – One of the best guitar players in the country

Derron Bell – Exceptional drummer out of Oklahoma.  Great guy (better musician).​

Who in the band writes the songs?

Songs always start out independently.  Someone starts with a lick, lyric or melody, then we bring it all together at rehearsal to firm up the tunes.  Eventually we walk away with something we really love… And we hope everyone else loves our new record coming out in 2013.

We see you were born in Louisiana, how did you make it to Texas?

We pretty much followed our dad’s work around, who’s originally from Midland.  He met my mom in Lafayette then made his way to Dallas by way of Houston.  We were along for the ride, learning from our parents every step of the way. You’ll hear a lot of Southern Louisiana and family influence in our lyrics and tunes.  We’re very proud to split our upbringing between Louisiana and Texas… both great states with wonderful, friendly people.

Congratulations on being selected to be a part of The Ranch Factor on 95.9 The Ranch! What does this competition entail and how can the fans help you out?

It’s 95.9’s biggest competition yet and we’ve already met some great people and fans in the process.  The prizes are a record with Fort Worth Sound, a contract with Vision Entertainment (they work with Randy Rogers, Stoney Larue, Cory Morrow, etc.), a music video by Middlin’ Creative Film and Video and some great album artwork from Kimberly Brian.  It’d be a big fish to catch. Please support us by hitting “Like” here: . But most importantly, come out to the competition and see us live!  We’ll keep you updated on when we’re playing at the FB link above. 

Love, Guitars, and Whiskey is your current single.  Great song!  Tell us a little bit about the album.

We are thrilled to have Tommy Dettamore and Ronnie Huckaby help us put that album together.  Ronnie is George Strait’s piano player and Tommy worked with Kevin Fowler, Joe Ely and many others.  We’re lucky to have those guys on our team. Please check it out on iTunes and support us by buying a tune or two!

What or who inspires you to perform?

The best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten on playing live music went something like this: 

“Somewhere in that crowd there’s probably a new couple with barely any money and a baby at home.  They probably go out one night a most, and spent what little extra income they have on their baby sitter that night. Your job is to make their night special… Make them remember that night on their 20th anniversary, and most of all, just make them happy.” That’s what inspires us to perform... and perform as well as we possibly can.

Is there anything you guys can’t live without while touring?

Double meat Whataburger with cheese and fries

Do you have any advice for fellow musicians who are just starting out?

Don’t settle for half a$$ music.  Do everything you can to make your show special, unforgettable and undeniably great.  If you’re opening up for Robert Earl Keen, figure out how to blow him off the stage.

Where can we see you guys on the road in the near future?

Here’s the full calendar, but we’re really excited about our Ranch Factor progress.  So make sure to “like” this page and keep up with our Ranch Factor news: