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June 2012- Jason Walton

Featured Artist -Jason Walton Band, June 2012

1. (MSTX) Who influenced you early on and why did you choose to sing country music?

​​I have always been a fan of country music and wanted to sing and play for folks. My mother played bass guitar in a country band in her youth and my grandfather played steel guitar up until he passed away a few years ago. I figure it’s in my blood to play. I would wake on Saturday mornings to my mother singing to Tammy Wynette and all them country queens that she would play on record. I was always drawn to the sounds of Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams Jr. Country music has always been the driving force in our house growing up. When I started writing music I was influenced by Jason Boland, Jamie Richards, Stoney Larue and Aaron Watson. I believe my new album is an even mixture of today’s honky tonk music with the flavor of traditional country and honky tonk from the days of Merle and Waylon.

 ​2. (MSTX) Tell us a little bit about the album, how did it come to be?

​The album is something, even now after making it, seems a little unreal. Making an album is not cheap and I didn’t think that I would be able to put together the money for it. But the good lord made a way and we were able to make the three track EP. The title track “Stay County” was to be the kicking song on this album. But little did I know that “Backroads” was a “sleeper” just waiting to be unleashed. The third song “The Cure” is mostly an acoustic tract with Hayden Vitera accompanying me on the fiddle. Haden made this song what it is. I wrote it from my own experiences and heart ache and it was like Haden was able to peek over into my soul and pull out the emotion from which it was written. ​​

​3. (MSTX) Give us a glimpe into your everyday life, what's it like?

​There is nothing special to my everyday life. My life is like anyone else’s that is trying to make a living. I like to drink cold beer after a hard day’s work and spend time with friends. I work on my music daily and write as much as I can. When I’m not playing music, I’m mowing yards. I’m part owner in a lawn care business here in Commerce. So I stay pretty busy.

​​4. (MSTX) If you could recored a duet with any country music star, who would it be?​​​​​ 

If I was going to recording a duet with a country music star, who would that be? That’s a hard question… I have to say it would be Merle Haggard, legend.

5. (MSTX) When you are not touring, what do you like to do for fun?

​Being a new artist I’m finding there’s not much down time. If there’s a gig to play I’m finding a way to get there. (Have guitar. Will travel) I have to keep the bills paid and if my music is going to be played, I’m the only one that will do it. But between mowing and playing music, I like to hang with my friends and go fishing. Nights when I’m not playing, I like to spend time at the Drunken Mule in Commerce TX. It’s honky tonk atmosphere inspires me. I’ll sit in the corner with a cold Shiner Bock and do a lot of my writing there.

​ 6. (MSTX) If you were driving cross-country and could bring only one CD, what would it be?

​The one CD for me to take on a road trip would probably be “New South” Album by Hank Williams Jr.

7. (MSTX) Where do you see yourself in the near future?​

​I’m very excited about the upcoming future. I have nothing but great expectations for what’s to come. To be able to play and sing my music for folks live is a dream come true. Sharing my heart through music helps me personally, but I believe there are others that feel the same way I do about one thing or another. And if my music helps them cope and get through some of the same things I’ve gone through in this life, or it inspires them, then I figure that will please the good lord. And if he’s happy, then I figure the blessings will keep rolling in.

8. (MSTX) Last word......

Thanks for your time and interest in my music. Let me leave you with this. “Life is a Journey not a destination, you’ll be fine wait and see. Long as you do what you can to, Stay County”!

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